About us

The three partners in the South Beach Luxury Group have a unique set of skills that have made their grouping of websites a revolutionary concept for the music industry.

The group combines the first Virtual Guitar Show, The First Industry-controlled Environmental and Guitar Recovery Registration system, and The First Industry Social Media System. We link our music industry with all outside social media as well, and we are the First group of Sites that links the music industry with the many complementary luxury goods industries that will help builders and vintage sellers link with their old customers as never before, while discovering new customers entering the collectors market. With unique skills, we provide new and enhanced experiences and benefits to guitar and musical instrument enthusiasts, and musicians seeking to get their music known. Why are we unique?

First, we own and have run the Newport Guitar Festival. This is not an internet idea, but an ACTUAL ESTABLISHED guitar festival with a world-wide following, going virtual for the first time to allow 24/7 internet access and the ability for builders to put never-before seen instruments online with the touch of a button.

Second, we own the 13thfret.com, the guitar industry’s oldest (1992), most established and most linked guitar forum in the world, which we are using as the basis to help catapult the social media network and link musicians, builders, and performers as never before.

Third, the owners are international Customs specialists, who already hold licenses and are subcontractors with U.S. Customs, The Department of Agriculture, Fish and Wildlife, and other governmental agencies. Co-owner Henry Lowenstein is a Customs lawyer with over 30 years experience and fellowships in European trade law. Co-owner Ron Hill was the former Airport and Seaport Director of Customs in the Miami District and coordinated United Nations efforts on behalf of U.S. Customs for special projects. In addition, Ron, Henry and Group General Manager Eric Garcia have subcontracted and developed successful pilot programs for private industries to help solve Customs and international trade problems—like the one the music industry faces today. All three currently operate the container examination station at the Port of Miami for Customs and Border Protection, and for Agricultural Inspection Services.

Henry Lowenstein and Eric Garcia were also owners and operators of music stores and luxury duty-free shops for over ten years, combining three elements that will launch the music industry into the 21st Century of guitar environmental regulation, marketing, recovery, and enjoyment:

Virtual Newport Guitar Festival and Social Media

A virtual guitar show that will allow builders and vintage sellers the ability to immediately show unique instruments on virtual tables, 24/7, which the public would not ordinarily see because they vanish into private collections—and with a keystroke, send notification throughout the world, capitalizing on the vast experience of the well-established 13thfret.com and the newly developed social media component.

Guitar Registration for Environmental Laws and Loss Recovery

A guitar registration for the rapidly developing environmental requirements that will allow the industry to self-regulate and control its own fate while providing help with evolving governmental forms and initiatives (like guitar passport concepts). We provide the first real system of proof of ownership when crossing borders (even State borders may soon be involved) and making declarations, proof of condition for insurance, and an organized, connected way of broadcasting loss of all kind to every level of the music world, helping with recovery inexpensively with one fee that is transferable to new owners making it an investment in the value of each instrument. Using teams of programmers from around the world, headed by IT department specialist Eric Blanes, the site will use state-of-the art social media to revolutionize industry communication, link it to existing social media to the benefit of everyone, and expand it to Europe and Central and South America.

Link to All Retailing and Luxury Goods Industry

The owners’ experience in brick and mortar music retailing and luxury goods markets from their many years as duty-free shop operators, give them unique industry understanding and connections to add to their legal, regulatory, and social media expertice.

In short, with combined legal and regulatory experience of over a hundred years, unmatched experience in actual show production and brick and mortar experience in the music and luxury industries, and vaulting it’s unparalleled internet forum experience into sophisticated, world-wide social media connections, the South Beach Luxury Group is unique to answer regulatory issues facing our industry, marketing issues and opportunities developing daily, and a social media tailored to link everything together in a virtual experience around the Newport Guitar Festival, one of America’s most popular shows. This is a skill set amongst partners found nowhere else in our industry or in the world.