Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions of this website are the same as with all terms and conditions of the Sobeluxegroup.com websites with the following addition for Registerguitar.com:

Your privacy is guaranteed. Your ownership is available ONLY to people, insurance companies, and governmental agencies YOU wish to authorize to see it. You authorize this by giving them your unique identifying registration number. We never give that out. We are a vault which locks in your information for YOU to provide to other parties IF YOU WANT TO—with no exceptions, other than our receiving an order from a Court of Competent Jurisdiction, and even then, you will be notified and provided all legal recourse to respond. We take your privacy very seriously. However, while we spend time and money with security and protecting your information, we cannot be liable for information released by means of illegal hacking. We will, however, notify you at any time we suspect something like that has happened. So far, it never has.

Registration Period

When you register for a lifetime registration, this means the lifetime of the website, and we have a great track record in that department. While it is inexpensive to maintain a database like this for many, many years, and our oldest website, the 13thfret.com, has operated continuously for over 20 years already, one can never predict where technology and its use and storage will evolve. Currently, it is our business plan for this site to be maintained in perpetuity, but we cannot be liable for any monetary issue arising from the site changing in any fashion. However, before any change in storage or viability would ever happen, you would be given a downloadable alternative which would act the same as your online registration for proof of your registration and ownership. Our goal is for your instrument to have a viable chain of manufacture and ownership.